Donation Link For Make A Wish Foundation

Help us be the top contributor to the DT 100 at Maine Indoor Karting on March 1st. We have set up an online donation with all proceeds to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation. We thank you for your support!

Boston Strong

Being from New England is something I’m very proud of, and I’ve been beyond fortunate to see some amazing things in my first 21 years.

Two Weeks Since..

The past two weeks have been insanely busy, even more than usual. In this blog it’s all about race cars, college and Volbeat.

Welcome To My Facebook Fan Page

Weekly prizes coming to my Facebook page soon, and all you have to do is answer some trivia questions. Plenty of fun leading into the 2013 season!

I’m from Maine, Not Canada

Seems like every time I go south, when people ask me where I’m from, I say Maine. More than likely, the person that asks believes I had to get a passport to travel. Welcome to the Pine Tree State…

Sit Shotgun During Thursday’s Win

The GoPro video from the roof of Black Betty is up on YouTube. Hope you guys enjoy the video, I had a blast running from the rear of the field to the front. Definitely a very big win for us. We just have to keep it up for the next eight weeks!