Well, these last two weeks have just been absolutely insane. I’m taking advantage of the rain day today (not happy about it though) to blog. Now that the season has gotten underway, I will keep this blog up to date!


I’d like to welcome Amsoil Four Seasons Synthetic as a new partner for the 2013 season! We have always used Amsoil products in our Legend Cars, and will continue to in our Super Late Model. Looking forward to working more with Lee Mortenson and putting the great Amsoil products to work.  First will be the Amsoil Brake Fluid, that should fix part of problem we had on the road course a few weeks with the new INEX Wilwood Brakes in the Legend Car. We are still looking for more partners for the 2013 season with the Super Late Model! Please look at our sponsorship proposal for more information.


The racing hasn’t been exactly where we want it. We has a good car last week at Beech Ridge in the Legends Car, but we fought tight throughout the feature event and we ended up fourth after a promising heat race where we drove through the field.


Last Thursday I had my first test in the Super Late Model. Went for a solo spin in my first run, the weight distribution in those cars are A LOT different than what I am used to running the Legends Car. Lot more power as well. Big thanks to Greg Peters and Dan McKeage and the Naughty 40 team, they were a huge help to us at practice and we dialed the car in by the end of the day and I had a good line down. Lot more work to do to be competitive, but we’re up for the challenge. Going to be a great season, I can tell.


The night before my first test however, I was down in beantown to see my current favorite band, Volbeat perform with All That Remains and Eye Empire. What a great show that was! Had a blast with Dan Winter and Derek Jefferson. One thing I did notice however, I’ve been to a lot of concerts up here, but damn the people in Boston are a rough crowd. Here’s a video from the show of their new song, The Hangman’s Body Count. If you haven’t heard of Volbeat, I definitely recommend giving them a listen.



Also last week I finished up another semester of college and have one more to go before I earn my degree in Business Management from Central Maine Community College. This past semester was definitely the most difficult, but most rewarding now that’s over.


This past week Nitro Designs has been as busy as ever. Lot of designs to do and websites to get done. Working on one project that I believe will be the next big thing for short track racing.. stay tuned! Here’s a few of the autograph card designs I’ve done this past week. Check out NitroDesigns.net for more information.



Shoutout by the way to Charles Ramsey, this guy saved Amanda Barry and many other children from being locked into that house for the past ten years. He doesn’t want any recognition though, or money, because he works for a living. This guy is as real as it gets and he deserves a big pat on the back. All he does is eat McDonalds and becomes a super hero, saving women. If you haven’t seen the video yet, I’ve attached it below.



Now it’s time for me to sit back, relax and watch some Nascar racing at Darlington! Hoping the 24 car with Jeff Gordon can get a win in his 700th start. Tomorrow Formula 1 is in Spain, and Kimi Raikkonen is starting 4th, much better than he usually does, so he should have a great race. I will leave this blog with the best song off Volbeat’s new album. Thanks for reading, get to your local short track!


And, Happy Mothers Day to my great mom, Lesha! You’ve put up with a ton in my first 20 years, and there plenty more to come in the next 20. Love you!

– Evan