Durham, ME – After missing the last three weeks after an accident that left Evan Beaulieu and the Hancock Lumber Racing team forced to take the sidelines to repair their car, the team will be back in action this weekend at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway.  Spending a lot of man hours to get the car repaired and ready for competition, the team is more than ready to get back on track and finish the 2014 season strong.  Beaulieu has been anticipating their return this entire time and feels as though the repairs on the car and the time taken to make sure everything is perfect will set them up for success.

“These last few weeks haven’t been easy, for sure, we have had to spend a lot of time trying to get the car back together,” Beaulieu said of the time away from the track, “It just wears on the whole team, especially given that we haven’t had a great season to begin with, but they’re such a dedicated group of guys, and all my best friends, I want to deliver for them, my partners and all of our great fans these last few weeks and I feel like we have the car that can do that.”

After getting spun around from the ninth position three weeks ago, Beaulieu was involved in another wreck just a few laps later on his run back to the front, and hit the backstretch wall at close to 100 miles per hour.  The wreck bent the front clip on the 56 Hancock Lumber Chevrolet, forcing the team out of racing for the past three weeks.  However, Beaulieu was unhurt after the wreck, giving credit to his sponsors at HMS Motorsport for giving him the best safety equipment and the Joie of Seating for building a strong seat.

While the team has been away from racing, they have been plenty busy helping one of their competitors, Eric Allyn, and guiding him to one of his best career runs last Saturday night.  Allyn, in just his second full season of racing, drove a great couple of races with Evan assisting with spotting while Todd and Jon handled his tires and Brandon and Derek worked on dialing his car in for the race.

The team would like to thank all of their fans and partners for their encouraging words and dedication while we have been away.  We are all looking forward to getting back out on the race track and we will finish out the season strong for all of you.  The racing on Saturday night will kick off at 7:00PM, tickets are only $10 and kids 12 and under are free!

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